Not All Black People Are Religious

I really wanted to share this video in hopes of empowering others who have different beliefs to stand in their power and own who they are.  As an African American woman who grew up in a Christian family, I know very well how important religion can be to a family and a community. I  grew up going to Sunday school and learning about the Christian religion. As a child I just accepted what I was taught about God wholeheartedly, it wasn’t until I was old enough to form beliefs for myself that I began to question why I was Christian and if it still felt right for me.  Fast forward to my years in college, I came across new information that made me question what I was taught and opened my mind to Alternative beliefs. It was like a whole new world and for the first time I felt like I could choose what felt right for me. In this video, I speak on “assumptions” that need to go away, and how I view the creator.  We live in a world where we are free to choose our spiritual beliefs and no one should be condemned for believing differently than anyone else. All black people are not religious and that is ok, some are spiritual but not religious, some are atheist, agnostic – ALL ARE OK! Let’s stop judging others and expecting everyone to believe the same. Just because a person is not Christian doesn’t mean that they are not good people with good hearts. It’s really about the individual and their actions, some people need a book to guide them on how to live. I personally believe that love is our natural state

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