self discipline

Social Media Addiction

How many of us choose our phones over spending quality time with our friends and family? Or choosing to go out in the world and make new lasting connections? We have gotten so used to information consumption online and on social media that we are spending a scary amount of time on our devices. Most people will deny that they have an addiction to social media or the internet but it is so prevalent in our society. I have dealt with this myself and have had to cut back on my use because the addiction will only get worse without any restraints. We act like our engagement on social media is so crucial and so important – well it’s actually not in the grand scheme of things. Spending time with the people you love, bettering yourself, being out in nature and helping those around you will always bring more fulfillment than technology ever will. It takes self discipline to pull in the reigns on the things that take away from what really matters in life. Let’s make that change today! It starts with a choice!

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