Emotions, Self Love

Overcoming Negative Thinking

Hi loves! Sharing my experience with emotional memory and negative thinking cycles. You can break free from limiting cycles and beliefs that no longer serve you. Enjoy the video! Please feel free to share your experiences below as well.


The Looking Glass Self

Hi there, I am Kasheera and I just recently discovered the concept of the looking glass self and how it affects our day to day lives and perception of ourselves. I hope you enjoy this video.


The Emotional Scale

THE EMOTIONAL SCALE – HOW TO DELIBERATELY FEEL BETTER In the article The Purpose of Emotions, I explain that our feelings function as a vibrational feedback system and that by changing the way we think, we can take back control over how we feel. We’ve been trained to ignore our feelings, however, and because of… Read More The Emotional Scale


The Purpose of Emotions

The great majority of people alive today have grown up in a world in which we were taught that in order to be successful, in order to get ahead, we’d need to get control over our emotions. To be seen as “emotional”, is considered a bad thing. Overt displays of both positive and negative emotions… Read More The Purpose of Emotions